During this period of separation we do not need to be isolated.   I will be live streaming from my personal facebook account and hosting online concerts from around the country in the LIVE FROM THE USA facebook group.

Like and follow the facebook group for our updates on concert dates and tune in for live concert feeds.

LIVE FROM THE USA - facebook group

Cranston Dean - facebook personal page  - More personal and more frequent.

As with most musicians in the country, all my gigs have been cancelled.  If you enjoy the online music please consider a contribution to my Venmo or Paypal accounts.  Any amount is welcome.

Venmo: Cranston-Dean
Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Buy my music at: http://cranstondean.bandcamp.com



“There are a lot of people who are stressed, scared, bored, whose lives have been disrupted by coronavirus. Everything can seem like it’s out of sorts, but we know we have music by Cranston to look forward to each night,” said Atlantic Highlands Mayor Loretta Gluckstein, a regular viewer of Dean’s live streams. “It’s like the old “MTV Unplugged” or something, and it’s grounding a lot of people. It’s a true service he’s doing.”   -Two River Times (3/31/20)

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