Cranston Dean's Cohorts:

Riley Schiro (Guitar) - "Mr. Riley" has been making his guitar scream with the band since 2013. He can be heard on all 3 full-lengths!

Ike Gutierrez (Bass) - "Ike Boy" has been laying down the low end in the band since 2011. He is heard on all 3 full albums and can be seen on Thriving Era's "Pretty Good Podcast"

David Hayes (Pedal Steel) - "Darkstar" has been in the band since 2016. David has added so much depth to the sound of the band. He can be heard on the latest album "High Beams".

Shane Luckenbaugh (Drums) - Shane has been playing in the band off and on since 2011. He is the drummer on "Tried & True". On top of it, he has his solo project Slpmnstr and plays with American Trappist.

Tyler Harrison (Videographer) - Ty has been apart of the band since 2012. He is the founder of Thriving Era, a viewing platform for original art and ideas. He has traveled with the band to every stop we make and has been a part of every album I have made.

Pat Noon (Producer) - Pat is a f*cking wizard....... He has recorded and produced all three full-length albums at Eightsixteen Recording Studios in Bayville, NJ.

George Bernacchi (Producer) - George is a producer/audio engineer working out of Eightsixteen. Aside from his help as an engineer, it is a little known fact that George also serves as a vocal stand in for Cran, when his vocal chords are lazy....
Amy Beth Addison (Artist) - Amy has created the album covers for all 3 full-lengths. She has an incredibly successful design business called "Amy Beth Designs" based out of London, UK.

Alex Mackenzie (Artist) - Alex has been traveling with, booking, and designing for the band for the past year.

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